Tinkering in the Kitchen & Life


Amy SchleiderOh yes, the button you click if you are curious…. who it is that I am.  Really? Not that different from you. That’s the best part.  some  life has been lived. Really not going to tell you how much, but its a lot/some.  I’ve raised the kids, three of them, two boys and a girl.  They are doing their thing  you might say.  The oldest is in Nashville and has a very “entrepreneurial” way of life.  The middle child would be the  “maternal girl” in Chicago.  The third child,  known by the other two, as Momma’s baby,  he is here in Columbia for the moment, “contemplating”  life.  Here is the trick, I am too.

Baking has been sort of a tool for making friends as well as expressing affection and love.  Crafting something from the heart and hands  has always been part discovery and  accomplishment.  Who doesn’t love the feeling  when you try a new technique and achieve success on some level?  (This is where some  would say YAY, it worked.)  Since new adventures and trying new things, new places, new flavors (they call that change) have always been forefront in my mind there has been a need to find  those who may fall prey to my scheme.   Poor souls.   There remains hope  that you won’t mind if those little  adventures are shared, and  that you will come by as often as you like for a little look see.  The beauty of this medium…. you can stay as long as you like and no one will judge.  Don’t you love that?

Perhaps you work  and or take care of your family just like me.  The difference may be that I am redefining what that looks like.   Here I am, imperfect and without judgement just doing what I do and hoping that we can  share the journey.  Do you like to tinker in the kitchen?  Or in your garden? Let’s talk.


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